The European Multisport Championships “Ibiza 2018” aims at 250 volunteers

The European Multisport Championships “Ibiza 2018” aims at 250 volunteers

The members of the Organizing Committee of the European Multisport Championships “Ibiza 2018″ have met today to complete the event preparations. The event will take place from the 20th to the 27th of October in Ibiza. The Committee is composed of members of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon, Ibiza Council, the Government of the Balearic Isles, the five municipalities hosting a race and the Port Authority. The Committee has called for a growth in the number of volunteers: 250 is the target. The volunteers are “one of the most important pillars of major sport events”. There are different collaboration areas: registration and exhibition area, recovery area, aid stations, segments, public control, etc. Volunteers are needed to guarantee a successful event: 5 European Championships, hundreds of athletes and five municipalities invlved. Would you like to join the volunteer team? Visit

The director of Tourism of the Island Council, Vicent Torres, the director of Sports, Fernando Gómez, and the director of competitions of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon, Jorge García, have informed today about the latest preparations and coordination issues related to safety and security. According to García “there is a great deal of interest and expectation. We think the final registration figure will be very high and many countries will be represented by their athletes”. Registration deadline ends on the 30th of September and the final numbers will be announced.

The official opening  ceremony will take place on the 19th of October with the traditional Parade of Nations along the streets of the municipality Santa Eulària des Riu. The official closing ceremony will take place in the city of Ibiza on the 27th of October.

The Organizing Committee has also informed that Marisol Casado, president of the International Triathlon Federation and member of the International Olympic Committee, will also attend the event.

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